CPI Snow Plow Kit


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This is an S-Scale (1:64) Russell Winged Snow Plow Kit loosely based on the Northern Pacific Railway version. It is designed with hinged side wings (h-Bar brass hinges) utilizing lock bars (pinned hinges) with a magnetic latching system allowing the wings to be set varying positions and keeping those wings in place during operation. Also included is a lower blade that magnetically attaches to any metal chassis.

This product is being sold as a kit to allow for maximum customization with the least amount of aggravation. Key components of the snow plow kit have been pre-assembled, only the detail options (railings, steps) and the clear windows need to be added. You can use the 3D printed railings and steps provided in the kit or substitute your own versions. The CPI Snow Plow shell has been designed to mount to a standard American Flyer Caboose Chassis measuring 42-44mm wide by 115-118mm long.

The snow plow is printed in DLP resin; color may vary.

Kit Contents

1 - Snow Plow shell, in the selected color, with the left/right wings, left/right lock bars, and all magnets installed
1 - Lower Blade with magnets installed
1 - Rear Railing panel
1 - Rear Ladder
2 - Rear Steps
1 - Set of clear windows
2 - #2-56 screws (to mount shell to chassis)
1 - Set of Assembly Instructions

3D printed and shipped by CatzPaw.