1950's Bus Kit


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This is a 1950's style S-Scale (1:64) bus kit. This product is being sold as a kit to allow for maximum customization with the least amount of aggravation. Most portions of the bus kit can be snapped together and will stay in place. For other items such as the mirrors, super glue (Cyanoacrylate) can be used to affix them to the body. Super glue can also be used to permanently attached the bus shell to the chassis.

All portions of the kit are 3D printed in DLP resin except for the clear windows (cut from sheet styrene) and the axels (brass rod stock). DLP resin can be painted with acrylic paints with or without a primer. We recommend a paint sealer if the unit is to be handled a lot or run on a regular basis.

Kit Contents

1 - Bus Body
1 - Chassis/Interior
1 - Wheel Set
1 - Head Light Set
1 - Tail Light Set
2 - Side Mirrors
1 - Clear Window Set
1 - Bus Driver (unpainted)
1 - Set Assembly Instructions

3D printed and shipped by CatzPaw.