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When Glow-in-the-Dark is not enough - light up those ghosts! S-Scale (1:64) Ghost family includes papa, mamma, and child ghost printed in glow-in-the-dark ABS plastic.

Package includes three (3) figures, mamma, papa, and junior;  in the power option selected.

Power options:

- 3V Option includes battery (CR2032) and power switch assembly.
- 7-19v AC/DC/DCC option includes rectifier assembly.
- Woodland Scenics® Just PlugTM Lighting System compatible wire assembly. 

Choose your power option:
We now offer our line of illuminated, flickering, and flashing products with three power options: 3V DC coin cell battery (CR2032), 7-19V AC/DC/DCC, or Woodland Scenics® Just PlugTM Lighting System compatible. You can run our products independently from the supplied battery and power switch, run them from your tracks or DCC controller using the supplied rectifier wiring, or connect to Woodland Scenics Just Plugtm Lighting System Light Hub or Expansion Hub.


3v Assembly          Rectifier Assembly        WS Just Plug


Using our "separated" wiring system, no soldering is required to connect our LED driven products to the power source. Simply run the wires, which utilize our new micro-minature connector technology, through small holes and tight spaces. Then simply plug the connectors together to complete your circuit. The wire lengths range from 22" to 30"

connector dimensions


We source all of our LED's from the great folks at Evan Designs. Click here to be directed to their website.