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Pay Phone Booth


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You used to see these all the time outside of convenience stores, gas stations, etc. The good 'ol pay phone booth. Just waiting for you to walk up and make a call.

The booth shell is printed in separate pieces: the frame, top and doors. This will allow for easy placement of the phone and figure. You have a choice of rotary or touchpad dialing, open or closed door, and adding the clear styrene for glass. You can use super glue to attach the phone and the door. Use styrene safe glue to attach the clear plastic. Printed in DLP resin; color may vary.

Package includes: one (1) booth frame, one (1) roof, one (1) closed door, one (1) open door, one (1) rotary dial phone, one (1) touch pad phone, and styrene pieces for the frame and doors.

Booths and phones come unpainted.

3D printed and shipped by CatzPaw.