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A commercial size, 5 by 8 scale foot, American Flag with a 30 foot scale flag pole. This flag is NOT paper, it is printed on 100% COTTON fabric. As such, it can be folded and shaped to wave, drape, or fly full. You can mount the flag, on the included aluminum flag pole, full staff, half-staff, or even lowered for folding. You can use any type of glue to mount the flag to the pole. Also included is a 3D printed base to hold the flag and pole.

Choose from a 48 star flag and a 50 star flag.

S-Scale (1:64) includes two (2) Flags, two (2) poles, and two (2) bases. The flag measures approximately 38mm x 23mm with a 2.13mm diameter pole.
HO-Scale (1:87) includes two (2) Flags, two (2) poles, and two (2) bases. The flag measures approximately 28mm x 17.5mm with a 1.6mm diameter pole.

Printed and shipped by CatzPaw.