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InvisaTrax™ Transport System - Expanded Set


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The InvisaTrax™ Transport system is comprised of a drive chain, track that forms a channel, and magnets. The system includes:

  • Interlocking flexible track sections in four lengths,
  • Snap together chain links with cutouts for magnets,
  • A 6v DC motor that moves the chain within the track via the attached gear,
  • And a motor driver circuit to control direction and speed of movement.

Almost anything can be transported using the right size magnets, including but not limited to: people, animals, birds, cars, trucks, motorcycles, small boats, cyclists, game board pieces, and more. These objects can be moved as no motors or batteries are required in the actual item; the movement is guided by the track, propelled by the chain, and made possible by the magnets.

The Expanded Set has a total running length of approximately 9 feet (275 cm). 

Detail List of Components

  • Track Sections - four (4) each: 2-Unit, 4-Unit, 8-Unit 14-Unit
  • Chain Links: 156 3mm SQ: twelve (12) 2mm RND, three (3) 2-Unit Chain Link Connector
  • One (1) Motor Turn 180 degree and one (1) Bearing Turn 180 degree
  • One (1) Motor Turn 90 degree and one (1) Bearing Turn 90 degree
  • One (1) Straight Drive Unit
  • Four (4) Motor Gears and two (2) Bearing Gears
  • Four (4) Motor Spacers
  • Two (2) Bearings
  • Two (2) set of Brass Sliders
  • One (1) 3" x 5" x 0.01" Polycarbonate sheet
  • Magnets: twenty (20) 3 x 3mm Cube, twelve (12) 2 x 2mm Disc, twenty (20) 2 x 0.5mm Disc
  • One (1) Magnetic Viewer
  • Four (4) N20 6V DC Gear Motors and nine (9) 1.6 x 6mm mounting screws
  • One (1) Motor Driver Circuit with Speed & Direction control
  • Four (4) feet 24 AWG 2-conductor electric wire
  • Two (2) 1.5 x 45mm Heat Shrink Tube
  • One (1) 4 x AA Battery Holder
  • One (1) Mini-Screw Driver Set