Gas Pump Set 1940-50's Lit


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1940-50's era gas pumps with lighted domes using warm white LED's. The pump is printed in ABS plastic and is available in red, blue, orange, yellow, and green color to represent the various fuel suppliers at the time. The fuel nozzle is printed in gray ABS plastic and is attached to the pump with black wire, allowing the fuel nozzle to be placed in various positions. For your convenience we provide pump dials printed on photo paper. We are not decal manufacturers and leave that up to the decal specialist.

Package Includes the following in the selected color:
2 - 1940s-50s Era Gas Pumps
2 - Fuel Nozzle & Hose assemblies
1 - Dial Label sheet

And one of the following power options:
- 3V Option includes battery (CR2032) and power switch assembly.
- 7-19v AC/DC/DCC option includes rectifier assembly.
- Woodland Scenics® Just PlugTM Lighting System compatible wire assembly. 

We source all of our LED's from the great folks at Evan Designs. Click here to be directed to their website.

3D printed and shipped by CatzPaw.