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InvisaTrax Transport System by CatzPaw Innovations, LLC

CatzPaw Innovations, LLC introduces our brand-new, American-made, InvisaTrax™ Transport System. Using the components included in the set, the modeler can bring to life all manner of animation. The modeler can hide the system under a scenery base, and using magnets, can make it appear that vehicles, bicycle riders, people, animals, boats, airplanes (anything you can image!) is animated on your layout, module, or diorama. The "Basic Set" includes everything to get you started on building a up-to-4-1/2-foot animation loop. The "Expanded Set" offers twice the length, or 9 feet of animation loop. The system is powered by a 6-volt motor that runs on 4 AA batteries (the modeler could, optionally, wire it to an appropriate power supply). The battery feature allows for stand-alone operation, should that be desired. In addition to the two starter sets, there are individual components for sale, so that you can expand your animation loop at any time, including having it make turns in more than just a simple loop. There is a dedicated YouTube channel for the system, which shows example implementations as well as behind-the-scenes and early-concept videos.